Why Join CDHA?

The County Downs Homeowners Association was organized to allow area residents a systematic means of working together to achieve common goals. Association dues are used for the beautification and maintenance of common areas and support member projects. While membership in the Association is not mandatory, it is hoped that every family in the area will join and take an active interest.

Member Benefits

  • The CDHA participates in many activities to help promote the well-being of its residents and the community like promoting awareness of environmental issues, community projects, and social events. View complete list of these activities >>
  • In addition to these activities, you will receive a quarterly newsletter keeping you updated on happenings in the neighborhood. Members are encouraged to submit their news to the newsletter editor, countydownsHA@gmail.com

Membership Coverage & Benefits

What does your $60 cover?

  • Landscaping and maintenance of the front entrance, medians and common areas. This includes the cost of water and power to run the sprinklers as well. as repairs.
  • Maintenance of the U.S. flags at the entrance and the roundabout.
  • Purchase of mailbox decals to identify resident members
  • Printing costs for correspondence (newsletter, directory, BBQ & National Night Out flyers, etc)
  • The Labor Day BBQ is supported by the CDHA.
  • National Night Out is supported by the CDHA.
  • Publishing the County Downs Directory of residents.
  • Purchase/upkeep of recognition yard signs for “Yard-of-the-Month” and “Christmas Decorating” contests.
  • Purchase/upkeep of Christmas decorations for the front entrance and Gazebo.
  • The CDHA provides representation (2 Representatives) for County Downs to the East Montgomery Neighborhood Alliance.


What do you get for $60?

  • Members receive quarterly CDHA newsletters
  • Members may feature information in the newsletter (babysitter, congratulations, etc.)
  • Only members are eligible to receive recognition and awards from “Yard-of-the-Month” and “Christmas Decorating” contests.
  • Members will receive the access code (if set up) to the “Members Only” section of www.CountyDowns.org
  • Members receive a discount on Labor Day BBQ tickets.
  • National Night Out – all residents are invited.
  • Members will receive a CDHA Neighborhood Directory.
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